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Oak Tree Bereavement Center
1500 Perez Drive  •  PO Box #1827  •  Pacifica, CA 94044 415-806-7169  •
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Oaktree Bereavement Center Offers Bi-Monthly
Group Sessions, March 3 – June 16, 2008
Please join with us in a bi-monthly group to learn how to cope with and talk about the death of your loved partner/spouse/companion. The group will meet with a grief specialist each first and third Monday of the month, beginning March 3rd, from 7 to 8:30 p.m.
A donation of $180 is suggested for this 4-month, 16-session group. Drop-in's are also welcome. Please call (415) 806-7169 for more information.
Oak Tree Bereavement Center is located at 1500 Perez Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044